Penquis Valley Mission Statement

“Penquis Valley School offers a quality education and encourages students to be lifelong learners.”

Academic Expectations for Student Learning

1. Demonstrates multiple ways of communicating knowledge through reading, writing, oral presentations, technology, quantitative expression and the arts. The student can read and write effectively to express his/her ideas. The student can understand, interpret, and present knowledge in a variety of ways using materials from multiple sources.

2. Demonstrates competent decision-making and problem solving. The student independently and effectively observes situations, defines problems and seeks resources to develop and evaluate solutions, then assesses the process.

3. Demonstrates collaborative skills. The student contributes to group process and works well with others demonstrating reliability, attentive listening and flexibility. The student also acknowledges his/her own strengths and the strengths of others.

4. Demonstrates a development of personal health habits, including regular exercise that enhances their own physical and emotional growth. The student shows evidence of monitoring their own fitness, appropriate nutritional intake, and the ability to address health and safety concerns.

5. Demonstrates partnerships in learning and research skills. The student shows evidence of forming productive links using resources across the curriculum and beyond the school setting.

Civic and Social Expectations

6. Demonstrates good citizenship. The student recognizes the role of the individual in the democratic process and is aware of issues affecting community, school, region, country, and world. The student participates in community service activities.

7. Demonstrates open-mindedness in social, civic, and academic situations. The student appreciates and articulates the value of diversity in social and civic settings and exhibits a willingness to undertake a challenging range of studies.


Four-Year Education Plan

Students entering PVHS will develop a four-year education plan based upon the pathway that will lead them to reach their present and future education and career goals and to meet graduation requirements. The plan will be updated each year to give students the flexibility to select courses and change pathways to best meet their educational goals.

Graduation Requirements

Students must earn a minimum of twenty-four (24) credits in order to graduate from PVHS. The following is a list of required credits:

English 4

Mathematics 3

Science 3

US History 1

Government 1

Social Studies Elective 1

Physical Education 1

Health 1

Fine Arts 1

Digital Literacy 1

Electives 5

Word Language 1

Penquis "L.I.F.E." Project 1