Careers & Colleges

Links to Career Exploration, Colleges, and Programs

Many of these sites offer interest and skill surveys and lists of careers, what they entail, and future outlooks. Many list colleges and provide searchable databases to find just the ones you want.

Visit the website of the College Board, where you may access practice tests and check PSAT and SAT scores. If you have taken either of these tests you have a free subscription to QuickStart and My Road, located at this site. They contain cross-referenced databases of colleges and careers, plus an online magazine for those planning to go to college, and a personality/interest inventory that can help narrow down career choices. Just create a free account and start exploring.

If you would like to try out a new College Board career exploratory/planning program called BigFuture, visit 

Other great links for college and career searches:

educationplanner  Includes surveys for learning styles, career interests, and more)





The U.S. Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)

The Princeton Review Career Quiz

Lists of job descriptions and links for career searches are found at

job-descriptions andjobprofiles 

Try outthefunworks

From Indiana but a great resource:learnmoreindiana